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What qualifications do I need to be a trading locksmith?
There are no recognised qualifications in locksmithing. Locksmiths like other trades do not have a national register and there are currently no governmental or legal requirements when setting up and trading as a locksmith.
How will I benefit from the training?
As a trading firm of Locksmiths we believe that our everyday work with all types of locking systems gives us the best opportunity to teach you the correct skills you will need.

Our course is, we believe, the best in England, many of our trainees come from recommendation within the industry or from trainees who have passed our course.

You will feel confident enough to go and carry out work for yourself.
Where do l buy all my locks and tools from?
On successful completion of the course each student is provided with a list of wholesalers who will supply you with tools, lock picks and stock which is normally supplied at a discounted rate of 40 - 50% less than retail prices.
What size are the classes?
We usually take no more than 6 per class as this allows the instructors to give a more one to one approach.
Can I start trading as a locksmith as soon as the course has been completed?
Yes. By the end of the course you will have opened hundreds of locks and will have all the necessary lock opening techniques needed to trade successfully as a mobile locksmith.
What other tools would I need to purchase after the course?
As for standard tools you will need to get a cordless drill and a limited lock stock. Therefore additional costs of approximately 400 - 500 should cover the purchase of a drill and additional picks etc plus a selection of recommended locks.




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