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This is not a basic course


This two day lock opening course covers both domestic and commercial lock opening.  This course is designed to give you a substantial knowledge in the locksmith profession.  This course is targeted at those who have little or no knowledge of the industry and deals in depth with the various methods and techniques of basic domestic and commercial lock identification and picking methods.

This course is totally hands on.  Delegates will be given the opportunity to use all of the tools for the opening of domestic and commercial locks, from the basic cylinder lock picks to the British standard picks for BS 3621 locks, such as Chubb, Union, Era and Securefast.


You will learn how the strip down locks right to the bare case. You will be shown where problems may occur within these locks, fixing problems, master keying and keying alike. You will then rebuild your lock back to working order.

We will then progress onto the picking methods, which are then used to open these locks. Then you will put this information into practice, most trainees will pick open around 60 to 70 locks within the first few hours of the course. We will then teach you other methods of lock opening including manual pick guns, mica, letterbox tools, core pullers etc., all of which you will be able to use on locks fitted into a door including double-glazing and screw in cylinders. Then onto our fast entry minimum force techniques in which we specialise, where we use rapid entry for police, ambulance, bailiffs etc. in our every day work.

Pad lock picking and shimming including high security pad locks radial pin lock picks. How these picks work and then practical picking wafer lock picking, which includes garage door locks.

Delegates will be shown how to dismantle and reassemble a basic 5 pin cylinder in order to identify the basic parts and gain the understanding of how a pin cylinder operates.  Learning how to identify the various types of cylinder locks and their methods of operation including the identification of anti pick pins.

The course also covers the re keying of cylinder locks and the methods of impressioning a key from a cylinder key blank.  You will then be shown how to identify the impression markings and the use of the correct tools to manufacture a cylinder key by hand.

During this you are shown the various types of manual picks and the techniques for using them.  This section also covers the identification of anti pick devices and the methods by which these can be overcome.

You will then be given the opportunity to use both manual and electric picks guns to open cylinder locks and demonstrations on how to overcome the anti pick devices using these tools.

Delegates will be shown opening techniques with special keys (rap keys) for the opening of cylinder locks.  Within this section we also cover the many tools and their uses which form a letterbox kit.  This particular tool covers most of the opening situation which occur with cylinder, euro and oval locks

You will open euro and cylinder locks and learn the difficulties of upvc door lock mechanisms and how to overcome them.




On day two students will dismantle and reassemble basic lever locks in order to identify the basic parts and gain the understanding of how a lever lock operates. 

Students will be shown curtain wheel picks for use on British standard locks.  Our course covers drilling of the British standard locks and how to identify the locks and drill points.

Mortice BS 3621: We start by striping locks again to the bare case. You will get a great insight into how these locks work and how/why they can be picked. You will then use the infamous 2 in 1 pick to open these locks (no bent wire on our course) which is part of your free tool kit.

It is inevitable that you will have to drill a lock open, so we teach you the correct way to do this with minimal door damage. You will also have a Lakeside Locks Drill Point and Lock Identification Manual to use; this is also part of your free tool kit.
We will then relax with an open forum where you will be able to ask the many questions that you will have about account opening, where to find work etc., all of which we will be happy to answer.

You will then be given the opportunity to purchase extras lock picks, tools etc. all of which are sold in various packages.




What is it all about?


We do not demonstrate how to pick BS 3621 locks!!!

We teach you how to do it and then all trainees will be able to use BS3621 picks to open locks on the day.

As a recognised training provider with trainees coming from the armed forces, local government and within the locksmith industry to name just a few, our certificate will enable you to set up accounts with locksmith wholesalers and obtain huge discounts on retail.

All our Instructors are working Locksmiths with many years experience.

As a trading firm of Locksmiths we believe that our everyday work with all types of locking systems gives us the best opportunity to teach you the correct skills you will need. Our course is, we believe, the best in England, many of our trainees come from recommendation within the industry or from trainees who have passed our course.

Unlike other courses we don't train 2 or 3 times a week or offer any special offers we believe our price is very reasonable for the high quality training you will receive.

After your training you may feel apprehensive about attending your first jobs, we offer a true 24 hour 7 days a week back up service just pick up a phone and ring us. Our course isn't a get rich quick scheme for yourself or us just honest highly skilled training that you will only get from our working locksmiths.

Our course price is £550.00 +vat.  At the end of our course all students are awarded a full recognised certificate and a tool kit.

We hope you will choose our course and look forward to speaking to you soon.

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